What Pet Foods Does Midwestern Pet Foods Make?

Midwestern Pet Foods is a family-owned business. It has been making our pets happy since 1926. They make food for dogs, cats, and other small animals.Midwestern Pet Foods produces various pet food products, including brands like Earthborn Holistic, Pro Pac Ultimates, and Sportmix. Their range covers dry and wet foods and treats for dogs, cats, and other pets.

The Magic in Every Bag: Midwestern Pet Foods’ Quality

Let’s talk about what makes their food unique. All their foods have quality ingredients. They have safety tests to keep pets safe. Pets love the taste of their yummy foods!

A Menu for Every Pet: The Midwestern Pet Foods Range

Now, let’s look at the different foods they make. They have food for tiny pets and big ones too. Are you wondering what types of food they have? Here is a list of their pet food families.

Food FamilyDescription
Earthborn HolisticThis food helps pets stay healthy and playful.
Pro Pac UltimatesThese foods are full of good stuff for happy pets.
Sportmix WholesomesIt is perfect for active and sporty pets!
UnrefinedThis food is made with lots of whole foods.
CanineXPerfect for dogs that love to run and play.

Each food family has a special touch for our pets.

Healthy Choices for Healthy Pets: The Ingredients Matter

Midwestern Pet Foods uses the best ingredients. They choose things that are good for our pets. We can find natural meats, fruits, and vegetables in their foods. No scary fake stuff is in their recipes!

Earthborn Holistic: A Closer Look

This is a particular line of pet food they make. It has superfoods and other healthy things in it. Their bags are also good for the Earth.

Pro Pac Ultimates: Tail-Wagging Nutrition

Pro Pac Ultimates is made for all types of dogs. There are many flavors, like chicken, lamb, and fish. They also have food for puppies and older dogs. Everyone can find something they love.

Sportmix Wholesomes: Fuel for the Energetic

Active pets need lots of energy from their food. It helps pets run, jump, and have fun all day. It’s good food for pets who love to play a lot.

Unrefined: Back to Basics

Unrefined foods have simple and whole ingredients. Their recipes help pets feel great. They have ancient grains and lots of vitamins. It’s like a yummy treasure box for pets!

CanineX: Energy to the Max

Dogs who love sports can eat CanineX. It has things in it that make them strong. It’s like a power-up snack for doggies.

Credit: www.pasadenanow.com

Midwestern Pet Foods Safety: A Top Priority

Your pet’s safety is paramount. Midwestern Pet Foods tests all their recipes. They make sure each bag is safe and yummy. This helps us trust them with our furry friends.

Conclusion: A Bowl Full of Goodness

Midwestern Pet Foods knows pets are part of our family. They make food that keeps them happy and healthy. We can choose from an extensive menu for our pets. There is something perfect for every pet and person!